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The next FREE Online Simply Sing Workshop is: 


Sun April 28th, 2024 from 1 - 2pm(EST)


The Simply Sing Workshop

Building the foundation


This is a fun and interactive 1 Hour workshop that will introduce you to the Simply Sing method. It will guide you through singing a popular song as a group; gradually adding in vocal exercises and tools that will immediately develop your vocal ability to sing the song. Learn the basics of breathing and how your voice works and walk away with a mini singing toolbox of ideas that you can apply to the songs you love to sing. This workshop has something to offer everybody!  


The Art of Singing in Harmony


This customized workshop for groups will develop skills to immediately improve vocal technique, breathing, blending, balance, and harmonising skills. It is a results based workshop that is fun and exciting and will leave your group with a tool box of ideas and exercises to continue to work with for lasting improvement in your group sound!

The Masterclass

Nailing Your Audition/Performance


The masterclass is a fun and inspiring performance based workshop. Participants will have a song or songs prepared and will present them in front of the group. Tammy will then work with each performer to immediately improve their songs. Work will address quick fixes to vocal delivery, connecting with the emotional content of the songs, audition and performance etiquette and technique, and much more. Results are quick and the whole group benefits by watching the work with fellow participants.

Simply Sing A Song

A System for Craftsmanship


This innovative and inspiring workshop will dive into a song and teach participants how to break it down into the building blocks so it can be completely understood how to sing it effortlessly. By understanding everything from navigating the melody line, dissecting the vowels of the lyrics, building in the best vocal exercises to sing the song with, how to smooth out the break areas, developing efficient breath control, to how to own the song performance-wise; this workshop is state of the art craftsmanship and once you do it with one song, you have the system to apply it to every song you want sing.

To Book The Masterclass Workshop for your group, please email Tammy at or call 416-850-0972.
To Book a Harmonise Workshop for your group, please email Tammy at or call 416-850-0972.
To Book a Simply Sing A Song Workshop for your group, please email Tammy at or call 416-850-0972.
To Book a Simply Sing Workshop for your group, please email Tammy at or call 416-850-0972.

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