Vocal Rehabilitation

• This process focuses on vocal fold function, air pressure, releasing vocal tract 

  tension, physical alignment, breathing habits, and improving the overall function of

  the singing voice

• Process is individualized for each unique voice

• Careful analytical listening of the vocal production is used to gently guide the

  voice into alignment incrementally and effectively.

• All lessons are recorded for review and to practice with



Sessions involve the use of gentle and effective vocal exercises designed to rehabilitate vocal production, improving vocal ability, range, endurance, and vocal quality. Each session is uniquely crafted for each singer and their vocal needs and goals. 

Disclaimer: I am a vocal teacher and vocal coach providing instruction and vocal care based on my training and experience; choosing to use my services should not be taken in place of consulting a qualified medical professional.


A necessary surgical intervention caused paralysis of my right vocal fold, confirmed six months later, as a permanent outcome. Frustrated and defeated by attempting to improve my singing voice on my own, Simply Sing was suggested to me by my choral director.  
Tammy’s positive nature and exceptional training span the rehabilitation process's cognitive, emotional, and physical levels, and she confers patience and inspiration in every session.  
Her vocal exercises and the concept of balanced air pressure, awareness of counter-productive singing habits, and very effective explanations and detailed imagery all have contributed significantly to the recent full recovery of my vocal fold - something that has only happened once before in my medical vocal specialist's practice! While recovery timelines are specific to each person, mine with Simply Sing has been less than six months.  
Another benefit is Tammy's virtual studio, which allows me to connect with her no matter my location, and a step forward is mine at every lesson - even on the weeks when preparation time has been limited. 
I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Tammy and recommend her invaluable expertise to anyone in need of vocal rehabilitation assistance.  
Barb McC
(Retired Elementary Music Teacher)

Testimonial for Vocal Rehabilitation work with Tammy...

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