Summer Online Course FINAL 2024

Supercharge your singing this summer

in this new 5 week online course!

Learn the 5 main aspects of singing outlined in the Simply Sing Vocal Method!
Develop your vocal technique easily and systematically, and apply each lesson to the song “Summertime” by George Gershwin.
Course Outline:
Week 1 - Breathing/The foundation of all singing
Week 2 - Vocal Connection/Power in the Voice
Week 3 - Resonance/Increasing Range and Freedom in the Voice
Week 4 - Articulation/Releasing Tension and Improving Vocal Tone
Week 5 - Releasing Your Voice and Style through Performance Techniques
End of Course - Live Vocal Workshop and Q&A
BONUS: Receive a FREE copy of #VocalHacks - 50 Ingenious Singing Tips by Tammy Frederick
Course Begins July 8th, 2024 but you can register at anytime!
All materials will remain available for course participants to take as their schedule allows.

Early Bird: 25% OFF for $74.25 (no tax)

*Must register by June 15th, 2024


Register anytime afterwards for $99 (no tax) 

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