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Simply Sing

Exploring the 4 Main aspects of Singing



The Simply Sing Vocal Method was created by Tammy Frederick and has been serving her clients for over 18 years. Helping singers from beginner to professional understand the basics of singing, how to release their voice in an easy and systematic way. Book includes exercises to assist you!


First published in 2012, Simply Sing  takes away the confusion around singing and offers a simple and proven way to naturally release the voice by simply understanding how to coordinate the four main aspects of singing: Breathing, Vocal Cord Connection, Resonance, and Articulation



Digital Vocal Lesson & Warm Up

Proven exercises to develop and warm up your voice


These tracks come with guided instruction on how to use them to develop excellent vocal coordination. The exercises I use in my Simply Sing Vocal Method develop a smooth and consistent vocal sound throughout your range. Using the piano tracks and specific exercise words I offer, you can download to your phone, computer or tablet, and start to develop your vocal technique today! Use the tracks and exercises in various combinations to warm up your voice before any rehearsal, audition, or performance. Doing these vocal exercises will also benefit those who use their voice a lot for speaking. If you experience hoarseness or fatigue after speaking in presentations or after a day of teaching, these tracks will be a benefit to you.


The Digital Vocal Lesson & Warm Up package comes with 9 downloadable piano tracks with a PDF of exercise instruction and guidance as well as an audio example track.


I offer 4 different packages:

Female – low voice

Female – high voice

Male – low voice

Male – high voice



The female low voice will be a good selection for children both male and female. If you do not know which one is best for you, please email me to discuss!



50 Inventive Tips to Immediately Improve Your Singing



#VocalHacks is a handbook for anyone who loves to sing! It is packed with 50 ingenious, yet simple vocal tips. It promises endless exploration with your voice and songs and offers practical, effective tools for immediate results. Written by professional vocal coach and author Tammy Frederick.




Simply Sing Shop



Hello Everyone! I am very excited to announce that I am currently working on a BRAND NEW SHOP! It will have a large amount of audio programs, books, warm-ups, and much more!

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