Woman and Mic compressed

• Build excellent vocal technique and coordination

• Sing with a seamless connection using your mix voice

• Eliminate breaks and cracks in your voice

• Increase range, flexibility, endurance, and vocal health

• Sing songs you love: Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre, Jazz, etc...

• Develop your performance and audition technique

• Record all lessons for review and to practice with


Each lesson takes students through a series of customized vocal exercises that are specifically designed to develop excellent vocal coordination. The combination of exercises systematically and efficiently build upon one another lesson after lesson establishing a solid vocal foundation and skill set that will be with students for a lifetime. Our emphasis is on developing one seamless vocal sound from top to bottom, building our "mix" voice allowing you to sing without breaks in the voice. The Simply Sing vocal exercises are then applied to the songs students are working on in each lesson. By applying the same specific vocal exercises to the song, students quickly develop the vocal coordination needed to sing through it easily and effortlessly. Students sing the genre of music they love to sing. All song work includes performance technique so that students learn how to connect and express the songs they sing.

Private Vocal Lessons

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