Tammy's teaching skills are incredible! She has worked with my daughter for many years and has helped her enhance her vocal skills and range. She has incredible insight into more than just what vocal notes to hit. She helps her students "understand what the song is about", tries to get them to relate it to their own personal story, and the end result is a vocal rendition that your child sings with heartfelt meaning and power. Just amazing! ~ Maria


Tammy does more than teach vocal skills... she teaches the joy of singing, an understanding of how vocal harmony works, and the confidence each of us needs for our voices to be heard. She is what great teachers are made of - a great passion for music with a tremendous empathy and commitment to her students! ~ David


Tammy is a kind, caring and knowledgeable vocal instructor. She really does know how to help beginner singers get to the next level.  In a few short lessons, we noticed a HUGE difference in our daughter's singing ability and confidence.  I highly recommend Tammy's vocal lessons for any child, whether they are a beginner or extremely talented.  She will work with your child at whatever level they are at and help them develop the knowledge and skills that they need in order to improve their singing voice and persona. ~ Amanda


Tammy is supportive, caring and extremely talented, guiding all her students to achieve their full potential!! I've received so many compliments from many people on how much I improved in a span of months! ~ Erin, 17 yrs


As a singer myself, I knew what to look for when seeking out a singing teacher for my daughter. After taking one of Tammy's introductory Simply Sing workshops, I knew I had found the right fit. Tammy is professional, knowledgeable, talented and a pleasure to work with. I have seen my daughter's skills and confidence grow considerably since she has been with Tammy, and she was recently accepted into an elite program based on the strength of her audition. ~ Rebecca


My daughter and I have had the pleasure of working with Tammy for a few months now and I'm quite amazed at how rejuvenated we both feel after each session! The techniques and methodology that Tammy uses are quite unique and effective - I've never been able to bridge the gap between my head voice and my chest voice before. Thank you, Tammy, for your detailed instruction and positive motivation! ~ Joan


Tammy is a great coach, my daughter loves her and her lessons! ~ Tanya


For my daughter, I think the vocal lessons working with Tammy have done far more than just improved her singing.  Although I have seen a marketed improvement in her singing abilities,  I have seen an even bigger improvement in her confidence and presence when on stage. Although a very shy child, she now has a more confident stage presence when singing in front of audiences. Thanks you! ~ Geoff


Before Tammy I went through many bad vocal conditions, due to the fact that I was not taught how to breathe properly. Now, with Tammy’s excellent training, cheerful encouragement, and amazing enthusiasm – I can sing properly and now I am pursuing a career in the Arts!

~ Rebecca, 16 yrs


Over the three years I have been working with Tammy, it has been nothing but positivity and support! She has helped me work on my vocals so much, I have learned how to properly utilize my voice, expand my vocal range, and be a great performer! ~ Giuliana, 17 yrs


I have always sung, and I have had many good teachers over the years, but after one lesson with Tammy, my range and power and the understanding of my voice as an instrument reached an exciting new level--Tammy is a force of nature and a single encounter with her will change your life in a joyful way! ~ Robin


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tammy the past 4 years and she has been nothing but positive, encouraging and one of the most optimistic people I have ever met. Best of all, she has helped me expand my vocal range and develop self confidence as a performer! ~ Alyssa, Age 18


Tammy’s enthusiastic, yet gentle, teaching style encourages, and champions every voice. I benefited greatly from her in-class instruction and her workbook, ‘Simply Sing’ is a wonderful resource. ~ Janice


I’ve been playing piano and around music since a boy, and for me the voice is one of the most beautiful and elusive instruments to learn. With Tammy, the traditional methods and vague terminologies are left behind. Instead she demystifies the process by teaching an in depth technical approach, building on itself in concrete and understandable ways, while also increasing the student’s vocal knowledge ultimately leading them to continue to train themselves. ~ Darren


Tammy is totally awesome! She helped me really expand my range and develop great technique while singing. She helped me improve my voice a lot! ~ Emma Robertson, 17 yrs


Tammy is an exceptional singing teacher. Though her methods are wonderful for beginner and intermediate levels of singing, as a fully professional singing coach myself, she helped me connect to my voice with a deeper understanding and acuteness after her one hour Simply Sing Workshop than I have experienced in quite some time.  Clearly she loves what she does and when you have that kind of love for your craft – it will resonate strongly in the voices of people she teaches. ~ Alex


I have had the pleasure of working with Tammy both in a group and in private lessons. I NEVER thought I would feel comfortable exploring my singing voice, but Tammy was encouraging, enthusiastic and truly believed that we all have a singing voice that is waiting to be released. I am more comfortable singing now, and I learned singing techniques and practices with Tammy that I use every day (whether singing in the shower, car or with my students at school) ~ Rachel


Our son has been with Tammy for 2 full years already and we are so pleased at how much he has developed in that time. In a fun interactive way Tammy  has helped harness his raw talent into a skill he has already used to secure roles in many theatrical productions. We look forward to seeing how the future years will help him grow as a singer even further. ~ Andrew


I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson's, techniques and homework! It was an absolute pleasure. I remember sort of being on a high after my first lesson, it was so good. Being a songwriter, she encouraged me to play her my songs and get coaching on how to sing my songs properly. Don't hesitate to learn from a professional! ~ Kent


If you want to improve your singing, come and work with Tammy. I am a beginner, but after just four lessons my voice is already much stronger. Now when I sing, I can tell right away when I'm doing something wrong and I know exactly how to fix it. ~ Diane


I am in my third year of voice lessons with Tammy Frederick at Simply Sing Vocal Studio. Tammy is patient and encouraging in her instruction. Tammy helped me with my audition preparation for ARTS High School in which I gained successful admission. Weekly classes keep me strong in my program. Tammy has helped me to extend my range. Thank you Tammy!" ~ Madeleine, 14 yrs


My daughter signed up for private singing lessons with Tammy. What I love is that she allows the child to pick a song that they want to sing which engages them and makes it fun! Would highly recommend Tammy! ~ Kim


When I first started training with Tammy, I was out of control - problems with pitch, sustain, range, breathing, annunciation and clarity. With Tammy's expert coaching, friendly demeanor, compassion and wonderful teaching I started seeing improvements in very short time. ~ David


She truly is an amazing teacher and a wonderful woman to have on your side. Her encouraging and patient nature is such a necessity in a business such as the performing arts. Through consistent work I have been able to gain skills that at one time seemed out of reach. ~ Denise


At lesson time she is funny, positive and great at what she does. Her technique makes a ton of sense and her approach will put you at ease. I've gotten a lot of compliments this year about how my singing is better than it was on the last record. So I recommend her to people all the time. ~ Michael


What I’ve learned from Tammy extends past my vocal abilities into every aspect of my life and has been one of the most positive educational experiences of my life. I would and do recommend Tammy to anybody looking to become a better singer. Tammy is a vibrant and fun teacher who is full of positive energy. My only wish were that I found her earlier. ~ Ryan


Our daughter Gracie has been with Tammy for two years.  We cannot believe the improvements in her singing.  It also given her much more confidence...on stage...and overall.  Most importantly, she looks forwards to the lessons and truly loves going. ~ James Duthie, TSN


Since my first lesson with Tammy I have seen great improvement. From a wider vocal range to knowing how to warm up correctly, Tammy has helped me become a great singer. ~ Melissa, 13 yrs

Not only does she give me take-away exercises that help develop my bridge, breathing and dynamics, she also teaches me how exactly to apply them to songs (of any language!). Tammy's thorough knowledge of the voice gives me the confidence that I can attain the vocal freedom needed to express my songs just the way they were meant to be. ~ Tina


I was so frustrated with the many limitations of Classical training that I left singing altogether for some time. About a year ago I was ready to sing again. Fortunately, I met Tammy Frederick. Tammy is extremely professional and has an extensive knowledge of the voice. With Tammy’s coaching and technique, I am now able to tackle any genre of music successfully! ~ Erin


Tammy has a unique combination of dedication to improvement, knowledge of technique, the ability to quickly identify and tackle limitations and above all a wonderful, lively and fun personality. This all adds up to huge improvement in the voice in surroundings that are encouraging and lots of fun. ~ Robert


The techniques taught by Tammy continue to instill the confidence that I need, to one day take me to where I want to go with my voice… the sky’s the limit!! Thanks Tammy for your professionalism, passion and dedication to voice and song! ~ Shae


With Tammy’s knowledgeable guidance, and with the tools she has taught me, I feel confident to perform in front of others. I believe Tammy is a gifted communicator. She has a unique ability to bring her point across, using visual and physical cues, to help me sing with ease. ~ Martha


After my first lesson I was hooked. I left the lesson knowing my current vocal capabilities and understood where I could go from there, a definite confidence booster. I have had a few vocal teachers in the past, but none as knowledgeable, insightful, and considerate as Tammy. ~ Nadia


With previous training, I felt like I wasn’t singing with my true voice anymore and I no longer liked what I heard. But since training with Tammy I feel like I’ve come into my voice and I love what I hear and how I can express myself in the songs I love to sing." ~ Mary, 14 yrs


In just one session, Tammy gave me back my confidence and inspiration to sing again after a year long hiatus. After communicating my goals and challenges in singing, she gave me the tools and exercises I needed to improve and tailored the session according to my needs. Her knowledge of vocal technique and physiology was truly insightful, and her positive can-do attitude made things fun." ~ Tony


I am thrilled to have found Tammy and so amazed with where my voice went with her. Her approach and technique is so fresh, innovative, simple and effective, and Tammy herself teaches with such heart and passion. Working with her guarantees a dynamic and seamless performance, and takes your voice to places you never thought it could go. ~ Jessica Dupont, ND

Singing with Tammy is such a wonderful experience. She has a thorough understanding of the biology of the voice and pairs it with an expertise on how to utilize your voice to its best ability. Tammy breaks everything down into very clear and practical exercises that improve even the most trained voice. ~ Nicole Holtby - cast member of Les Miserable 2014

Tammy has an endearing, accepting and encouraging manner which makes learning fun and satisfying. What a treasure! Thanks so much, Tammy. ~ Doris

In helping my daughter improve her singing ability, Tammy Frederick chose songs that were suited to my daughter’s range and taste, making for a very enjoyable experience. You won’t find a vocal coach who is more organized and dedicated to her students than Tammy! ~ Wendy


I wanted to thank you so much for your amazing attention and dedication in teaching my daughter!  It is truly beautiful to see her confidence growing and to see her perform in this year’s showcase was truly special!  You are doing some great work! ~ Sophie


We have greatly appreciated Tammy's obvious talent and dedication for several years here at Canadian Musician magazine. The consistent expertise she offers our readers is intensely valuable. ~ Michael Filer, Editor, Canadian Musician magazine.


I started with Tammy because I wanted a low-stress way to learn some of the rudiments of singing and to expand my melodic abilities in my songwriting.  I immediately saw results in my own abilities after just the first session.  Tammy's ability to teach singing using non-technical explanations, "mental game" techniques, imagery and simple physical actions will stick in my mind and continue to improve my singing for a long time to come. ~ Paul


Tammy Frederick is a brilliant vocal coach.  Her understanding of the way the voice works is comprehensive and clear and her techniques for getting the voice out work very well.  I found her to be encouraging, knowledgeable and effective and she helped me to sing after a lifetime of wondering how! ~ Carolanne


I have been taking singing lessons with Tammy for about 9 months and absolutely love the lessons and results. Having each lesson recorded is great, I find it much easier and I am more apt, to practice.  The lessons, as well as the annual concert, have really helped build my confidence and voice.   The whole concert process was a fabulous experience I will never forget !  Tammy is an excellent teacher, always positive and encouraging but also making sure you are doing it right.  I am extremely thankful that I found her. ~ Cathy


Tammy is magic. Her approach to vocal technique is truly effective; the framework she provides is easy to understand and fun to explore. She explains the foundation of her concepts in a way that anyone can follow. More than that, though, Tammy has an innate understanding of the human condition. As a student of both her private and group lessons, I felt her unconditional support and encouragement every step of the way. I was able to move past fear and into performance, claiming my right to self-expression through song. She is every singer's greatest advocate. 

~ Laura

“My daughter started with Tammy in January. With the flexibility of the online classes, my daughter is able to find guidance more conveniently than ever. Tammy is a great teacher with a lot of methods and valuable tips. My daughter now sings with a higher pitch, and she can also express emotion in her voice. We are really glad to have found Tammy!” ~ Grace


“Tammy is an amazing vocal coach. She is patient and tailors her approach based on your individual needs all while keeping the core principals of her method. Since COVID 19, Tammy has moved her lessons into the virtual realm and I feel like we haven’t missed a beat, in fact I may like the virtual ones even better since I can do the lesson in the comfort of my own home and there’s no need to drive. Each session I learn something new and since I have started I have increased my range from a G to now being able to hit a high tenor C and even higher. I highly recommend using Tammy’s services!” ~ Randy


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