Singing at the piano compressed

• Learn to accompany yourself while you sing

• Build your piano technique and basic music theory

• Learn how to chord and arrange the songs you work on

• Develop your piano harmonizing skills 

• Practice improvising and songwriting


Piano is a fun instrument that can support a singers journey as well as those interested in songwriting. I have designed my Piano Method for Singers to include developing your skills in piano technique, basic music theory, chording, arranging, harmonizing, improvising, and songwriting. All of these combined will allow students to be proficient at the instrument, be able to accompany themselves while they sing, as well as be able to create and notate the songs they create if this is of interest to the student.


Lessons are customized to each students desires!


No experience required!


Excellent for Beginners and those looking for a fun piano experience!

You do not need to be a singer to take lessons! These lessons are excellent for beginners who want to explore the piano and accompany themselves! It is piano made fun and easy!

Piano for Singers

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